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Emu4iOS provides users with hundreds of apps and games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including modified apps like AirSHou and Spotify++ that you can’t get from the official app store. That’s

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MovieBox App

MovieBox provides fast access to thousands of movies and TV shows. It is updated regularly with all the latest 2018 TV shows and HD movies . The Best Part ? MovieBox can stream

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GBA4iOS was developed by Riley Testut ( twitter ) and originally used a flaw in the iOS to work. After that was patched Testut went to work on developing a new version of

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AirShou is a name that we all recognize as one of the earliest screen recorders ever to appear in Cydia. AirShou is back and it has been seriously overhauled, given support for all

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iRec App

iRec is a very well-known name in jailbreak circles as it was once the most popular screen recorder app to be included in Cydia. iRec was a revolutionary app at the time, providing

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Games emulators have always been popular downloads from Cydia and still are, for those who can still use the jailbreak store. With few jailbreaks available right now, people use new app installers like



Some of the best games we have ever played are the retro games we used to get on games consoles like the Nintendo DS. With Cydia, we could play those games on the

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Games consoles were hugely popular during the 80’s and that popularity has been revived in recent times with new consoles and some fantastic new games. One of the most used was the Nintendo

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NDS4iOS offers iOS users a way of playing any Nintendo game they want, with plenty of in-app features and settings to make use of Best of all, it is free and works on