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Emu4iOS is full of useful apps and games, including a huge choice of games emulators, all fully compatible with iOS.emus4ios-small-120px

 This app installer works seamlessly on the new iOS firmware.

Download Emu4iOS

Supported iOS Versions :

  • iOS 12 (iOS 12.1.4 upto iOS 7)
  • iPad (all models)

How to Use Emu4iOS :

When you have finished installing the 3rd party app store onto your device, you will find it easy to download apps and games from it:

  1. Open the app by tapping the icon on your home screen 
  2. The app will open, showing you an entire list of all the ( APPS ) available for download  emu4ios app
  3. Choose the one you want and tap it; you will go to the homepage of that app
  4. Tap the ( link ) or the Download button and you will be given a download link for the app right on your device.
  5. Tap the link and wait for the download to finish; the app icon will be on your home screen ready for use

Is it Safe to Download Emu4iOS App ?

safety emu4ios

Yes, it is. This app store is an incredibly safe installer because the (developers) have made it that way. Before they released it, they tested each stage of the development and they also monitor it on a regular basis, issuing updates as needed to fix any problems that arise. New content is added on a regular basis along with app enhancements and the developers urge you to install every update they release – if you don’t and something goes wrong, they won’t be liable.  Also, make sure that you install anti-virus software on your device.

Does Installing Emu4iOS Void Warranty?


No, this app installer will not void your warranty. You do not need to install Cydia to use it and it doesn’t break into the root of the iOS which means it isn’t breaking any security protocols. It is used in the same way as any other app and none of the apps or games in it require root access either. The app installer is updated regularly with security fixes and new content and is very easy to use. It is also easy to delete if you find you need to for any reason.

No Jailbreak Required :

With so little happening with iPhone jailbreaking these days, iOS users have turned their attention to alternative methods of getting their iOS apps and tweaks on iOS devices. One of the latest solutions is  Emu4iOS. Not only does this 3rd party app store offers some of the most popular modified apps and games, but it also offers a selection of games emulators, always a popular Cydia downloads.

How to Delete Emu4iOS :

Deleting Emu4iOS from your device is simple and there are several ways to do it. Simply choose your method and follow the steps in the linked post.

Fix Installation Errors :

There are some installation errors that are commonly being faced but, while annoying, they are not hard to solve. Click on the link to find out what they are and how to fix them.

Emu4iOS is a  great way of getting some modified content back without needing Cydia, a bonus for those who can’t install Cydia anymore. Try it, use the comments box below to tell us what you think and get all the latest updates by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.