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Emu4iOS iOS 12

With a distinct lack of Cydia updates in sight, iOS users are turning to an external app installer called Emu4iOS for all their modifications and tweaked apps. Emu4iOS is full of useful apps

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Games emulators were always a popular download from Cydia because they gave us the means to play some of the best console games on our devices. Although Cydia isn’t being updated right now,

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With today’s iOS devices, watching Movies and TV shows has never been easier. The retina screens, the size of the displays, the faster processors, all combine to make the iPhone and the iPad

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The Gameboy Advance is undoubtedly one of the most popular consoles of its type with plenty of excellent games to choose from. At one time, you could only play those games on a

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Games emulators have always been popular downloads from Cydia and still are, for those who can still use the jailbreak store. With few jailbreaks available right now, people use new app installers like