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Screen recorder apps are incredibly useful and one of the most downloaded used to be EveryCord. Only available through Cydia at the time, EveryCord soon fell into disuse after the developers stopped providing updates for it but they have now revamped it and released it once more.

emu4ios everycord app

This time, you don’t need to jailbreak, and it will work on all devices up to and including iOS 12. In EveryCord, you will find lots of useful in-app settings, 1080p screen recording and auto compression to save space on your device. Keep reading for more details on downloading EveryCord on your iOS device.

How to Download EveryCord :

EveryCord is really very simple to download but it isn’t available in the app store. All you need to do is install Emu4iOS, a third-party app installer, and then you can download EveryCord. Here’s how.


  1. Directly click this button above or click on this ( link ) provided by TweakBox App Dev.
  2. If you get Untrusted Developer error, go to General > Settings > Profile and trust the app profile.
  3. When EveryCord is installed you can use it as your primary screen recorder.

EveryCord Alternatives :

EveryCord is packed with features but you may not find what you want, or you may want something just a little different. Two of the best alternatives to EveryCord are:

  • AirShou

airshou icon

Many jailbreakers remember AirShou from when it was available in Cydia and was one of the most downloaded apps of its kind. Sadly, it disappeared from Cydia after a while and that left users having to look for another screen recorder to use instead. The developers have been working on the app, and have now re-released it, with full compatibility for all iOS firmware versions, and no need to use Cydia. It is packed with features, such as high quality stereo sound, full HD video recording and simple controls that allow for fast recording. Check out the link to find out how much more AirShou  can do for you and how you can download it.

  • CoolPixel


The second alternative is CoolPixel, a screen recorder with a difference. As well as the standard screen recording features you come to expect, such as full HD recording, CoolPixel also lets you edit your video creation with some cool editing features. A simple finger swipe will let you add subtitles and dubbing, a range of rich-filters give you a choice of movie effects and you can use the built-in search facility to download more videos from BGM online, as well as importing your own. Check out the link to see what else CoolPixel can do and how you can download it, not just on iOS but on Android too.

Screen recorders will always be popular and these are just three of what is available for you to download today. Let us know how you get on with EveryCord or if you choose one of the others and follow us on Facebook for more app updates.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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