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HipStore is one of our Cydia alternatives, giving those of us who can’t or who don’t want to install Cydia a way of downloading modified apps and games easily. With not many meaningful Cydia updates these days, more and more people are turning to these alternatives and HipStore is one of our best.

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HipStore app has thousands of tweaked apps and games modified with additional features and offers any user a great experience. Read on for more details about HipStore and how to download it.

How to Download HipStore :

HipStore is not an app that will come from the iOS app store but downloading it is quite simple, regardless of platform.  Follow the link below to find all the HipStore information and detailed download guides:

How to Use HipStore :

Using HipStore is easy :

  1. Download HipStore hipstore app
  2. Open the installer on your device
  3. Search for the app you want and install it.

HipStore Features :

HipStore is an unofficial store, released to provide an alternative solution to Cydia, that provides users with:

  • Several download languages
  • Hundreds of thousands of apps and games
  • Many apps and games
  • Stuff that you can only get in HipStore, nowhere else, like ringtones, themes media apps and more
  • Compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 9 or higher
  • Also compatible with Android
  • Lots of other features

HipStore Safety :

For those concerned about the safety of using a third-party app installer HipStore is protected with SSL encryption, keeping you and your data perfectly safe and secure. The developers also keep it regularly updated, fixing any errors that arise straightway.

HipStore is not and never will be a replacement for Cydia. It cannot offer the same level of content but it does offer enough to keep us going while we wait for more Cydia updates. Downloading it is simple, it is free and couldn’t be easier to use.

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on with HipStore and what apps you are using it for and follow us on Facebook for more updates and tips.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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