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Some of the best games we have ever played are the retro games we used to get on games consoles like the Nintendo DS. With Cydia, we could play those games on the iPad or iPhone using a games emulator that made your iOS device act as it were a games console. Now we can download several of these emulators for free without needing Cydia and one of the latest to be released is called iNDS.inds

No longer relying on a jailbreak to work, iNDS is considered to be one of the best emulators so we are going to tell you how to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get iNDS :

Games emulators are not something allowed into the iOS app store but there is a way to download it. You will need to install an external installer called Emu4iOS and to do that.


  1. Tap on the download button above or click on this ( link ) to directly download from TweakBox app
  2. Tap Install and leave your device alone while iNDS is installed
  3. When you see the iNDS icon on your homepage, the emulator is installed
  4. Before you use it, open Settings > General >Profile & Device Management
  5. Find the iNDS profile and tap it, tap Trust and close Settings.
  6. Now you can use iNDS for all your favorite Nintendo DS games.

iNDS Features :

iNDS is a feature-packed emulator app offering some great options for users:

  • Free to download and use
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 7 to iOS 12
  • Built-in browser allows you to search for a specific game
  • Auto-save feature – when you close a game down halfway through, iNDS will save the game and let you restart at that point next time
  • Dropbox support helps with recovery when an iNDS game crashes
  • Lots of in-app settings to customize, such as sound, control settings, frame skipping and more
  • No jailbreak required
  • Thousands of Nintendo games to play
  • Lots more cool features

Emu4iOS is one of the better app installers, offering a range of emulators. Do browse it, see what else is on offer and, when you have downloaded iNDS, tell us what you think of it. You can get more useful tips and updates by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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