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With so little happening with Cydia these days, iOS users have turned their attention to alternative methods of getting their iOS apps and tweaks on iOS 10. One of the latest solutions is an app installer called Emu4iOS. Not only does Emus4iOS offers some of the most popular modified apps and games, it also offers a selection of games emulators, always a popular Cydia download.

emu4ios ios 10

We’re going to tell you how to download it on your iOS 10 device but, for more details about Emu4iOS, click the link.

Emu4iOS on iOS 10 :

Emu4iOS has full support for iOS 10 but, before we talk about downloading it, let’s look briefly at some of the security features that Apple has included with the firmware as a way of trying to stop third-party apps being downloaded:

  • iOS Encryption – a combination of features like Erase All Data for incorrect login attempts, Auto-Lock, biometric and passcode login, all providing a secure environment for every user.
  • Find my iPhone – set up using your Apple ID, this helps track lost or stolen devices and allows for remote management of data to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • 2-Factor Authentication – protects the information stored on your Apple account
  • Lock Screen Data Leaks – decide what should and shouldn’t be on your lock screen to limit what data can be easily be accessed; also disable the Raise to Wake features if enabled
  • Location Information – choose which apps should be allowed to access your location information carefully and determine how much data they can access.
  • Ad Tracking – Apple provides a feature to help you limit ad-tracking by third-parties and gives you an Incognito Mode for browsing the internet
  • Messages – manage how much data can be accessed through messages by deleting them or setting them to self-destruct.

Unlike Cydia, Emu4iOS doesn’t break any rules because it doesn’t break into the iOS security ringfence. Because if that, it works the same way all other apps do and is safe to use. It also has no effect on your warranty because it is legal to use.

How to Install Emu4iOS on iOS 10 :

Although Emu4iOS is not available in the official app store, you can easily download it on iOS 10 using the Safari browser on your device and following these steps:

  1. Launch Safari, go to this ( link )
  2. Now look top left ( iPad ) or bottom center ( iPhone ) for the UP arrow and tap it emu4ios_app1
  3. On the next page are some new options along the bottom of the screen; choose Add to Home Screen emu4ios_app2
  4. Type Emu4iOS into the box so your app icon is renamed . Tap Add and close Safari; check the home  screen and the icon will be thereemu4ios app

Video: See these steps being done

Popular Emu4iOS Apps :

Emu4iOS is full of useful content but some apps are more popular than others.

  • MovieBox

moviebox app icon

MovieBox is one of the best apps for watching movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad. Rather than having to download before you can watch, MovieBox lets you stream direct, choosing from thousands of movies and TV shows. Choose from the old classics to the biggest blockbusters and from a  range of HD movies too.

How to Delete Emu4iOS :

Deleting Emu4iOS, should you need to, is very easy. Your device will be put back to the way it was in just a few seconds without affecting anything else on your device.  Most people are happy with Emu4iOS but, if it really isn’t for you, follow the steps linked below to delete it:

How to Fix Common Emu4iOS Installation Errors :

A small handful of users are reporting errors when they try to install Emu4iOS on their devices. Luckily, these are simple to fix and you can find all the details of what the errors are and their solutions at the link.

Alternative Emu4iOS App :

Emu4iOS isn’t the only app installer; a useful alternative is called TweakBox.

  • TweakBox

TweakBox offers plenty of apps and games with some of the best tweaked and modified apps also available for download. Like Emu4iOS, it does not require Cydia and is free to use, offering content that will suit all users.

  • http://tweakbox.store

Emu4iOS is one of the more comprehensive installers, offering the ever-popular games emulators alongside plenty of other content. Try it today and see how you get on with it. For more Emu4iOS news and updates follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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