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These days, any update to Cydia is a cause for celebration; there have been so few updates recently that many iOS users have almost given up hope. We do have ways of getting some tweaks and modified apps on our devices without Cydia though and the latest way is through an external installer called Emu4iOS.

emu4ios ios 11

With plenty of games emulators, modified apps and more, Emu4iOS is an excellent alternative and you can find out more about it by clicking the link.  Read on to see how to download it on iOS 11.

Emu4iOS on iOS 11 :

iOS 11 is one of the most secure firmware versions ever and it’s not difficult to see why it’s hard to run some external apps. We’ll look at what Apple has included with iOS 11 and then tell you why Emu4iOS still works on it:

  • Data Protection and Encryption – Dedicated AES-256 encryption and a unique ID on each device combined with File Data Protection and other security features to provide a fully encrypted environment
  • System Security – software/hardware combination that includes features such as secure enclave, secure boot chain, passcode, PIN and/or biometrics for login
  • App Security – official apps are signed into use by Apple and sandboxed when running so the rest of the system is not interfered with.
  • Network Security – TLS, VPN support, secure Bluetooth and many more industry-standard network protocols to keep your data safe while in transmission.
  • Device Management – multiple device management features that help keep your device safe and allow for remote data and device management

Emu4iOS bypasses the security that Apple has in place safely. It doesn’t need root access to your device, therefore, it doesn’t break any of Apple’s rules; it is safe to use, it is legal and your warranty is still protected.

How to Get Emu4iOS App on iOS 11 :

Downloading Emu4iOS on iOS 11 isn’t difficult; just follow these steps using the Safari browser on your device:

  1. Using the Safari browser, go to this ( link )
  2. Give the page chance to load and then tap on the large UP arrow,  iPad users will see it at the top of the screen, iPhone users at the bottom emu4ios_app1
  3. This will open another page with more options. Tap the option that says Add to Home Screen emu4ios_app2
  4. Now the app icon needs to be renamed so type Emu4iOS into the provided box and tap Add emu4ios install
  5. Close Safari and look on your home screen, the icon should be there  emu4ios_app4 (1)
  6. After download , visit the app page and download any app you like. Use the search function at the top to find and select the app of your choice for download.

Video: Watch this for a demonstration of the above steps

Popular Emu4iOS Apps :

Although it has loads of apps and games, some apps get downloaded more than others do.

  • MovieBox moviebox app icon

By far one of the most popular downloads is MovieBox, an app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows directly on your iPhone or iPad. There are thousands of movies and shows, all the latest ones, and something to suit all ages and all viewing preferences. It’s free to use and there’s no need to download the movie first.

How to Delete Emu4iOS :

If you need to delete Emu4iOS from your device for any reason, you will find it very easy to do. It is safe, it will not affect any other apps on your device and, within a little time your device will be back to how it was.

How to Fix Common Emu4iOS Installation Errors :

Some installation errors are being reported by some users and, although these are few and far between, they are an irritation. They can be fixed very easily though so click the link to find out what these common errors are and how to fix them.

Alternative Emu4iOS App :

If you want something different to what Emu4iOS offers, try this installer instead.

  • TweakBox

tweakbox icon

TweakBox is another very popular app installer that offers access to thousands of apps and games. You can find some of the more popular tweaked and modified apps and games, everything is free to use and you don’t need Cydia to use it.

  • http://tweakbox.store

Third-party app installers are incredibly popular now that Cydia isn’t seeing many updates. Emu4iOS is definitely one of the better ones so download it and see how you go with it; follow us on Facebook for more updates.



*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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