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iRec is a very well-known name in jailbreak circles as it was once the most popular screen recorder app to be included in Cydia.

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iRec was a revolutionary app at the time, providing us with a functionality that Apple never dreamed of giving us and it is only just recently that we have even gotten screen recording facilities on our devices. That made apps like iRec all the more important and useful, resulting in millions of downloads. iRec offered a number of useful features, not just the ability to record screenshots, but the ability to record videos in Full HD, add audio, and use auto compression, enabling you to store more videos on your device without worrying about storage. There were also loads of in-app customization options that let you make the app work the way you wanted it.

iRec Has Been Discontinued :

Sadly, iRec is no longer in use because the developers opted not to keep it updated. This is most likely because the cost of updating an older app to work on newer technology outstripped the cost of creating a brand new app so that’s what we got – a new app called EveryCord.


With plenty of useful features, EveryCord works on all iOS devices without needing to download Cydia first so head over to the link below for all the details:

Other iRec Alternatives :

iRec wasn’t the only screen recorder about and one of the best alternatives is an app called AirShou.

  • AirShou

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AirShou was another revolutionary screen recorder that can still be used to this day, again without needing Cydia. It offers plenty of useful recording and customization features, details of which you can find, with a download guide, at the link below:

Screen Recorders will always be a requirement for iOS users and these offer far more than the stock recording facilities that Apple just provided users with so do try them and tell us how you get on with it.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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