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MovieBox provides fast access to thousands of movies and TV shows. It is updated regularly with all the latest 2018 TV shows and HD movies .moviebox app

The Best Part ?

MovieBox can stream your movies directly, leaving your precious mobile storage space intact. No need to download first.

How to Get MovieBox :

In the past few days you’ve probably noticed that, just recently, there have been some serious outages on the app. While outages are not uncommon on apps, due to one reason or another, this one appears to be more serious. MovieBox was popular because it offered so many features; unlimited downloads, no ads, no in-app purchases, thousands of movies including all the latest, the option to download to watch offline, and a great deal more besides and now it looks like it may all be GONE .

MovieBox Has Closed !

While we haven’t had official confirmation from the developers just yet, it appears that they have opted to close the app down permanently. According to TweakBox Team , who ( say ) they have had email confirmation from the MovieBox developers, the app stopped working and cannot be fixed, leading to the developers pulling the plug and closing the doors forever.

tweakbox moviebox shut down

Sadly, there is more bad news on this front. Not only are iOS users losing their favorite streaming app but it looks like Android users may soon be following suite. Showbox, the Android alternative to MovieBox, appears to be suffering from the same kind of long-term outages and it is looking very likely that Showbox will also be closing down in the very near future.

Re-Release Date ?

Not certain. Not only have iOS users lost access to thousands of online Movies and TV shows, Android users may well lose theirs too. Obviously, we’ll update this article as and when we get official confirmation from the developers but, to make sure you get all the latest updates, follow us on Facebook. Like this page, then click on Following>See First and you will always get the latest updates in your newsfeed.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I can not download the app no more and idk why cause I had to app for first time and today I uninstalled it now I can’t get it back and I want it.

  2. my movie box kept crashing and i thought it was because of my phone then i keep trying to re download it on everything and it downloads and i can open the app however the movies,,shows everything was not there even wen i searched it,,is movie box down for everyone or it is just me?

  3. We are so sad you decided to cancel this app. I wish I was smart enough to be able to buy it from you and keep it going because I’ve had it for over 4 years now and it’s replaced my dish account, Netflix and every other streaming stuff I had. And I have almost all my family on your app now!! All the other streaming apps just aren’t good enough compared to yours!! Hope to see you back soon!!

  4. I downloaded the MovieBox but When I open it up all I get is a black screen no movies or show pops up jus a black screen. I followed the instructions a couple times in still not working???????😒😒☹️☹️☹️

  5. I had this app working for the past few months and as recently as last week was still working beautifully. It no longer works.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled. Each time I load and unload from each link above and I end up with the app installed and yet there are no items in the app. anywhere.

  6. Moviebox is not showing any movies b/c looks like someone tried to remove ads… whoever ijulioverme is on Twitter. Can someone reach out to him and tell him to put moviebox back like it was and leave a good thing along. Clicking no thanks wasn’t bothering me. Please emu4ios team get this app back up and running. Thks.

      1. Have you cancelled this app? This app was the best thing going!! I can’t imagine not having Moviebox!! Will you be updating the emsu app to bring back MovieBox??
        Thank you!

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