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Emu4iOS iOS 12

With a distinct lack of Cydia updates in sight, iOS users are turning to an external app installer called Emu4iOS for all their modifications and tweaked apps. Emu4iOS is full of useful apps

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iRec App

iRec is a very well-known name in jailbreak circles as it was once the most popular screen recorder app to be included in Cydia. iRec was a revolutionary app at the time, providing

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Games emulators have always been popular downloads from Cydia and still are, for those who can still use the jailbreak store. With few jailbreaks available right now, people use new app installers like

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Delete Emu4iOS

Emu4iOS used to be a Cydia-only repository but, given the lack of updates to the third-party store, the developers decided to make Emu4iOS work without Cydia. It is perfectly legal to use and



Screen recorder apps are incredibly useful and one of the most downloaded used to be EveryCord. Only available through Cydia at the time, EveryCord soon fell into disuse after the developers stopped providing